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Sep 20, 2009

LG BL20 New Chocolate appears in new colors, GW300 is there too

LG BL20 New Chocolate appears in new colors, GW300 is there too

LG opened a new office in Amstelveen, Holland and decided to show off the LG BL20 New Chocolate's color range plus some interesting info about its UI. The LG GW300 was also at the party along with some other models we've already seen.
The BL20, which originally leaked as BL42, has the traditional Chocolate look and form factor, unlike theLG BL40 New Chocolate. The color options are also very reminiscent of the original Chocolate.
LG BL20 New Chocolate LG BL20 New Chocolate LG BL20 New Chocolate LG BL20 New Chocolate 
LG BL20 New Chocolate in all the colors we've seen so far
Anyway, the interesting thing here is that BL20 New Chocolate apparently runs a non-touch version of the S-Class user interface, despite earlier rumors. The S-Class UI has so far been reserved for touchscreen handsets, but here is an interesting piece of trivia for you - it is reportedly much smoother on the BL20 than it was on the LG GD900 Crystal.
The other phone of interest was the LG GW300. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, a QVGA screen, 2MP camera, microSD card slot and 3.5 mm audio jack. It doesn't have 3G connectivity but with a price of about 100 euro, the LG GW300 will be one of the most affordable full-QWERTY handsets on the market.
LG GW300 LG GW300 LG GW300 LG GW300 
LG GW300 would be an affordable full QWERTY phone
Release dates are still unknown, as we are waiting for LG to step in and officially announce the LG BL20 New Chocolate.
A wall of upcoming LG phones A wall of upcoming LG phones 
A wall of current and upcoming LG phones


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