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Aug 10, 2009

Top 5: Apps for Windows Mobile

Bits that make old WinMo work that much better

There are over 20,000 apps for Windows Mobile floating about the internets, but untilWindows Marketplace finally opens its doors, finding a good one like hunting down a very random needle in Google's haystack. But fret not, we have some favourites we'd like to share:


A desktop-like Twitter client with all the features - timeline of status updates, profile pictures, and options to retweet, reply, follow/unfollow and post pictures directly.



Sync your phone with everything - notes and memos you make to yourself, pictures you snap, wine labels, business cards. Evernote can scan text from image-based items and input it into your contacts book, calendar and more.


MyMobiler/Mobile Remote Desktop

These two apps work in tandem so you can control and access your PC from your phone or vice versa. Extremely useful for either getting info from phone to PC without manual input, or if you're out and need to check something on the paired computer.



S2U2 is a keylock screensaver that gives you that sleek slider style unlocking. Once the app is installed, it will also show notifications - texts, emails, missed calls, and calendar appointments too - as well as caller ID, and volume control.



Those iPhone owners think they're all that with their light saber apps. Well, show them who's boss with this all-in-one weapon app. Yes, that's right - ShootMe has shotguns, light sabers and the humourous sound of boxing, all rolled into one violent-but-funny app.

Free and US$5 versions


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